What is a Tribe (and How do I Get One)?

The key to making a living with your words and/or with your website sits squarely in who is reading what you write. The greatest writer in the history of the world would be nothing if the words stayed hidden in a drawer or revealed only to a limited number of eyes.

Getting people to read the words is the second most important part of the writing journey (the first being you have to write). The easiest way to get others to read your words is to have a fan base, or a tribe, that will share those words – because word of mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing that exists. If you want to build a sustainable following then you have to create a tribe.

GIVE to Grow Your Tribe

G Generous– generosity is not about giving things away (although there is a time and place for giveaways). Generosity is about taking the spotlight off of self and shining it on another person.

I Invest – make an effort to invest in others. Visit websites that are related to your niche or connected to your niche (or maybe just ones that catch your attention). Take time to comment on the websites or to share the content through your social media connections.

VValue – provide value to your readers. Create content that provides informative and entertaining information. Edit the content to remove grammatical and spelling errors. Read through the content several times before you hit publish. Make it worth their while.

EEngage – talk to the visitors of your website and your social media. Ask questions specific to the visitors. Respond to individual comments. Send emails thanking commenters. Engagement shows others that they are important.

A Tribe is a supportive base that encourages you in your journey, cheers you on in your efforts, and supports you in those times of struggles. A Tribe is eager to hear what you have to say and to share that message with others. You grow up a Tribe when you determine to GIVE to others instead of focusing on what others can do for you.


Kathryn LangAbout the Author:
Kathryn Lang offers a phrase of hope through her columns, articles, books and workshops to shine the Light on the moment. Her personal hope is that every person who encounters her words will feel as if those words were written (or spoken) just for her. She speaks at women’s conferences, professional organizations and schools on finding purpose, being encouraged, pursuing writing, and growing relationships.
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